My head fits in many hats – I write WordPress themes, design printed brochures, layout annual reports and more during my days at Lennandia Advertising; where I’m currently working full-time as a designer & developer.

I enjoy my working days there. I’m stimulated by the variation in projects and surrounded with kind, professional people who’s been at it for some time.

Being around people with a mission however, reminds me that I have a path of my own I must walk. I need to move people – connect them with their feelings. And the most familiar way for me to do so is through imagery. I love to convey ideas with illustration, be it complex matters like phobia or something ordinary like a dachshund wearing socks. My blog comes in here as a crucial step to make myself into a reliable name in illustration. Any and all posts are thoughtfully illustrated, even if it’s about setting up an SQL database. Subjects and styles will vary; I’m curious and restless so sticking to one particular fashion won’t satisfy.

I value things and ideas that are carefully made with a clear purpose. Sustainable quality before quantity. And I seek to serve you with likeminded values. My mission is to help you communicate with the people you seek to influence, and I promise my work will be tailor made for your message.

With years of experience working as a professional in agencies, I have a firm grasp on the requirements and expectations of me as a contractor. From initial sketches to final delivery.

If you’re interested in working with me or just say hi, let me know! You can reach me trough my instagram or LinkedIn profile.

I’m Mathias Ragnarsson

Developer by day, illustrator by night – Building tailor-made WordPress Themes when the sun is up; drawing and visualizing ideas as the sun goes down.

Portrait of me, Mathias Ragnarsson. The author of this website.